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EverdreamSoft is a Swiss-based company created in 2010 and specialized in the development of casual and online trading card games for smartphones giving communities of gamers the possibility to interact and help on the development of these games.

EverdreamSoft’s main game is a Free-to-play trading card game named Moonga available on iOS, Android and Facebook. Since its launch in 2010, more than 250,000 people have already registered. Using this successful experience and with the help of a global network of renowned illustrator, EverdreamSoft is now working on the development of new casual and trading card games as well as comic books.

The company is also currently exploring the field of New Technologies (NFC and Geolocation) and new ways to bring them to the world of entertainment and design.


EverdreamSoft is now accepting to be paid for any of their services in bitcoin. The revolutionnary new currency.
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